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Membership Committee

  1. Implement, monitor and review Institute membership policy as decided by the Board of Directors; report and make recommendations as necessary
  2. Recruit members
  3. Together with the Membership Administrator, manage all documentation relating to membership and ensure its accuracy
  4. Identify the concerns of members and bring them to the attention of the Board of Directors
  5. Identify and obtain membership benefit opportunities where possible and, through the Public Relations Committee, heighten awareness amongst existing and potential members
  6. Organise and manage the annual membership renewal process, including production of validation cards, and the online Directory, in accordance with Institute policy and procedures
  7. Consider and (subject to 8) approve applications to join the Institute from:
  • those who have never joined the Institute
  • former members whose membership has lapsed
  • applicants holding qualifications which, as determined by Qualifications Board, are deemed equivalent to Institute-accredited qualifications
  1. In connection with 7 above:
  • check that all tourist guiding qualifications submitted by applicants are Institute-accredited or equivalent, as determined by Qualifications Board
  • bring any applications which require exceptional decisions to the Board of Directors