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Examinations Committee

A.  Policy
  1. Implement, monitor and review policy for all Institute examinations except language examinations, and make recommendations to Qualifications Board
  2. Review, maintain and, where necessary, update the Examinations Handbook
B.  Examinations
  1. Together with the Operations Manager, ensure the criteria for examinations set by Qualifications Board are met
  2. Determine procedures for all written and practical examinations for White, Green and Blue Badge examinations.
  3. Determine procedures for endorsement examinations
  4. Determine the range and timing of information to be provided to candidates
  5. Consider equivalences in assessment by other awarding bodies and make recommendations to Qualifications Board
  6. Review and monitor reasonable adjustments and special consideration procedures and make recommendations to Qualifications Board
C.  Appointment of Examiners
  1. Facilitate training events for examiners and compilers as the need arises
  2. Consider the accreditation of individual examiners who have undertaken a training event and make recommendations to Qualifications Board
  3. Ensure the Institute maintains an up-to-date database of accredited examiners
  4. Recommend Chief and External Examiners for appointment by Qualifications Board
  5. Appoint all other examiners and compilers and notify the Chair of Qualifications Board of such appointments
D.  Notify Operations Manager of any changes to be made to the Examinations section of the Institute website.