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The Institute of Tourist Guiding was set up in 2002 and has since been instrumental in raising the profile and status of tourist guiding in the industry nationwide.

We've included below a potted history of the Institute's evolution, with some of the key milestones in its development since 1998...

March 1998

The seeds of the Institute were sewn when a group of Blue Badge Guides from across the country, who had guide training, business and legal expertise, formed the Millennium Group and started work on a proposal to protect the qualifications and reputation which underpin the high standards of tourist guiding.

March 1999 

The closure of London Tourist Board's tourist guiding department created a sense of urgency and the Tourist Guiding Foundation (TGF) was set up to assume responsibility for the annual registration of London Blue Badge Guides.  Development of the Institute proposal continued.

March 2000

A national consultation of Blue Badge Guides resulted in the decision to introduce individual membership of the Institute, and three educational levels of qualification were conceived - Blue Badge, for the Green Badge and a little latter the White Badge was introduced).

September 2000 

An industry-wide meeting to discuss the Institute proposals resulted in the creation of a working party under the distinguished chairmanship of Professor Ludwik Finkelstein, then Vice Chancellor of City University, and the proposals for the Institute were refined and finalised.

April 2001 - October 2001

Nationwide consultation with guides, regional and national guiding associations, practitioners and representatives from across the industry.

March 2002 

The Institute of Tourist Guiding was officially launched at a reception hosted by the then Minister of Tourism, Kim Howells, in the Palace of Westminster.

November 2002 

The first Institute AGM was held at the British Museum and a new Board of Directors elected.


Professional redesign of the Institute logo and Blue and Green Badges, and launch of the first version of our website.  Licensing agreements drafted for the use of the badge images by associations and other interested parties.


Introduction of the optional White Badge for guides.