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The Institute of Tourist Guiding is governed by a Board of Directors and operates through a network of committees.

The Board of Directors is elected by Institute members.  The committees comprise Institute Directors, other Institute members and co-opted non-members such as academics.

The Institute is owned collectively by our members.  There are three levels of membership:

  • Members
    Hold our Level 4 qualification, exemplified by the Blue Badge.  They are qualified to guide on foot, at sites and on a moving vehicle in their specified region.
  • Associates
    Hold our Level 3 qualification, exemplified by the Green Badge.  They are qualified to guide on foot and at sites in their specified city, town, borough or area of countryside.
  • Affiliates
    Hold our Level 2 qualification, exemplified in some cases by the White Badge.  They are qualified to guide on foot at a specific site, e.g. museum, cathedral, stately home, or along a fixed route.


If you have the appropriate qualifications and are interested in: