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Membership Forms

Please click on the headings below to access membership related forms and documents which can be downloaded and printed.

Membership Renewal Forms

For those who wish to re-join the Institute after their membership had lapsed.


New Membership Applications

Forms and information on how to join to the Institute and what to expect with your membership level.


Replacement Badge Order Forms

Forms for ITG Blue, Green and White badges. 


Introduction of Photo Cards

The Institute of Tourist Guiding (ITG) has introduced photo cards to identify bona fide, trained and qualified Blue and Green badge guides who are accredited by the ITG, the officially recognised body for setting standards and awarding qualifications for tourist guiding in England, Northern Ireland and Jersey. This is in response to increasing reports to the ITG of untrained and unqualified guides, often wearing facsimile copies of the well-known and widely recognised Blue and Green metal badges that our members wear.

The photo card is designed to reinforce our professionalism and help sites recognise and support properly trained and accredited guides. It follows consultation with leading sites and practical experience gained in the two year ‘soft launch’ period. The ITG hopes that the initiative has proved its potential value to sites to enable staff to recognise an individual qualified guide quickly and easily, record relevant information if desired, apply any site-specific guiding rules, and enhance the overall experience, safety and security of all visitors.

For the Photo Cards Site Information leaflet click here.


Replacement Photo ID Card - Members/Associates Order Form

Form for replacement photo ID cards for current Institute Members and Associates.


Code of Conduct

All members and students must sign relevant code of conduct documents agreeing to uphold the Institute's standards.