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Qualifications Board Circular: Return of Marked Papers

Return of Papers: Update - February 2020

In response to a question raised by the London Chief Examiner, and asked at the 2019 Annual General Meeting, relating to return of examination papers.

First distributed to all Chief Examiners and Course Directors on 3rd February 2020.


The Institute of Tourist Guiding is committed to following the recommendations of the ICO, (Information Commissioner’s Office), which do not advise returning marked papers to candidates. Until such time as the ICO decides this will change, the Institute will not return marked papers.


This policy is in line with that adopted by academic bodies regarding the return of marked papers to candidates.


The related issue of what feedback candidates who do not achieve the standard in written papers should receive, is at present being carefully considered by members of the Qualifications Board. A questionnaire was circulated to past Chief Examiners and Course Directors on this topic and the views expressed need to be carefully considered before a coherent policy can be drafted. The President and QB acknowledge that this needs to happen as soon as possible.


Adrian Clark,

Fellow of the Tourism Society

Chair of Qualifications Board, Institute of Tourist Guiding