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External Candidates

An External Candidate is someone who sits the examinations of an Institute-accredited guide training programme but does not enrol or participate* in that programme (*participation in certain specified modules may be permitted at the discretion of the Programme Director and at additional cost). Please note; the Institute is currently reviewing its policy on extenal candidates and will up date this page in due course.

Procedure for External Candidates

On registering for the examinations, an External Candidate is asked to sign and return an External Candidate Agreement, which sets out the requirements for both the Institute and the candidate.  Candidates will also receive details of the syllabus for each of the examinations and the names of the sites at which the practical examinations will take place. 

If you have not received these and are already an External Candidate, please contact office@itg.org.uk

Examination fees need to be paid three months in advance of the first examination.  Once paid, you will receive details of where and when (date and time) the examination will be held.  We will only email you one reminder of any outstanding amounts.  It is important that we receive payment before the deadline, as your name may otherwise be removed from the list of candidates for that examination. 

Around four months before the examination (or when we receive your examination fees if later), we will send you the list of stopping points for the guided walk and the site examinations.  You should prepare presentations for all the stopping points, as, during the examination, you will be expected to give two, and possibly three, presentations, each one lasting around five minutes.  You will receive details of the tour planning project, once these details are available and you have paid the appropriate fee.

If you find you are unable to take one or more of the examinations, please contact the Institute office office@itg.org.uk immediately to request a deferral.  However, unless there are exceptional circumstances (e.g. those set out in the Examinations Handbook), any deferral may be deemed a no-show failure and be classed as one of your three attempts at that module.