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Examinations Handbook

Examinations Handbook is issued for the guidance of all those involved in the examinations of the Institute of Tourist Guiding (the Institute) and those preparing or conducting accredited guide training programmes. It sets out the Institute’s procedures for Blue Badge, Green Badge and White Badge examinations.


The Examinations Handbook consists of the Handbook itself and various Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). At any one time there will only be one version of the Examinations Handbook and each SOP in operation.

All Standard Operating Procedures also form part of the Handbook and are publicly available, but for convenience they are indexed separately.  Where there is a discrepancy between the Examinations Handbook and a Standard Operating Procedure, the Handbook will prevail. 


Main Handbook - Information for Candidates

Standard Operating Procedures

Register of Amendments


Standard Operating Procedures – administration: detailing all the administrative procedures that allow the examinations to function.

SOP 01   Managing Handbook and SOP updates

SOP 02   Administration of examinations

SOP 03   Code of conduct for examinations

SOP 04   Cost sheet of examinations

SOP 05   Equal opportunities and special needs

SOP 06   Mitigating circumstances (Special considerations)

SOP 07   Appeals


Standard Operating Procedures - instruction packs: detailed instructions for people delivering the examinations, including “how to” packs for Examiners, Compilers, and Invigilators.

SOP 21   Chief Examiners’ instruction pack

SOP 22   Compilers', Markers' and Moderators' instruction pack

SOP 23   Project Markers' pack

SOP 24   Examiners' in practical examinations instruction pack

SOP 25   Invigilators' instruction pack


Standard Operating Procedures – examination structures: information about how examinations will be structured.

SOP 41   Background Knowledge Paper: Content and question categories

SOP 42   Chief Examiner’s Report Templates


Standard Operating Procedures – policies: details of specific Institute policies that concern the delivery of examinations.

SOP 61   Policy on Blue Badge Tourist Guide candidates

SOP 62   Policy on tutors taking examinations

SOP 63   Policy on post-examination feedback to candidates (note this SOP will be added during 2023)

SOP 64   Policy on advertising and appointing Chief Examiners, Examiners, Compilers and Moderators

SOP 65   Language Examination Policies