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Examination Dates


 Examination Dates for 2023-24

(Last updated on 20.11.2023)

London BB 2023-24 Practical: National Gallery November 2023 Mon 20th
London BB 2023-24 Practical: British Museum November 2023 Wed 22nd
South Central BB 2022-23 Practical: Urban Walk / Museum (Resit) November 2023 Thu 23rd
South Central BB 2022-23 Practical: Rural Walk (resit) November 2023 Thu 30th
South Central BB 2022-23 Practical: Coach (Resit) December 2023 Thu 7th
South Central BB 2022-23 Practical: Cathedral (Resit) December 2023 Thu 14th
London BB 2023-24 Written examination: Paper 2 January 2024 Tue 9th
South East BB 2022-24 Written: Paper 2 & Paper 3 January 2024  Wed 24th
Hull Museums WB 2023-24 Practical examination February 2024 Mon 19th & Tue 20th TBC
Hull Museums WB 2023-24 Written Paper February 2024 Fri 23rd TBC
Background Knowledge Written: Paper 1 March 2024 Sun 24th
Liverpool BB 2023-25 Practical: Art Gallery April/May 2024 TBA
Liverpool BB 2023-25 Practical: Cathedral April/May 2024 TBA


BB - Blue Badge

GB - Green Badge

WB - White Badge

TBC - to be confirmed

TBA - at a date to be advised


Practical examination