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Examination Appeals

Appeals Procedure for Blue Badge and Green Badge Examinations

Blue Badge and Green Badge candidates are encouraged, in the first instance, to consult their Course Director.  However, if a candidate wishes to make a formal appeal, the procedure to follow is set out in the Institute's Bye Laws.

It is a candidate's responsibility to read and understand the Appeals Procedure and in particular to be aware that any consideration relating to the assessment which takes place as a consequence of an appeal may lead to an adjustment of the original decision relating to the award in a way which is more, or less, favourable to a candidate.

Payment of the administration fee (£56 Sep 2018-19) must accompany any appeal.


1    The Institute shall establish a body, known as the Appeals Panel, to determine examination appeals. The Panel shall comprise a minimum of six members.
2    The Qualifications Board shall appoint a Co-ordinating Chair whose remit shall be, on receipt of an appeal, to nominate three members from the Panel to assess the appeal. At least one member of the Panel shall be an independent academic.
No member of the Appeals Panel may have a direct interest in the candidate’s case as an examiner, compiler or moderator for the candidate’s examination that is the subject of the appeal.
3 A candidate wishing to appeal against the result of their examination may only do so on the grounds indicated below:
a. that the examination had not been conducted in accordance with the examinations procedure of the Institute such that the result may have been adversely affected;
b. that the candidate believed that their performance in the examination had been materially impaired by ill health or other circumstances which the candidate had been unable, for valid reasons, to divulge to the Operations Manager or to an examiner on the day of the examination; or
c. that the candidate had reason to believe that one or more of the examiners was prejudiced or biased against them.
The candidate shall within 28 days from the date of notification of results give notice in writing to the Co-ordinating Chair of the Appeals Panel, setting out the full details of their appeal and the reasons why one or more of the grounds indicated above were met.
An appeal will only be deemed valid for consideration when based on one or more of the above grounds.
4 The appropriate fee, details of which are available from the Operations Manager, must be paid in full at the time the appeal is made.
5 The remit of the Appeals Panel is to consider whether any of the grounds as stipulated in 3 above have been demonstrably met, and whether judgements made were consistent, fair and applied correctly. Its remit does not extend to considering the academic judgement of examiners or other issues of assessment.
The Panel may invite the views of the respective Chief Examiner and other examiners, compilers and moderators, and may call for all relevant documentation from any relevant source as it deems necessary.
6 The decision of the Appeals Panel on whether or not the appeal is upheld shall be final and shall not be subject to further appeal or challenge.
7 Where the appeal is upheld, the Appeals Panel may recommend that:
 i. the result of the examination be changed;
ii. the candidate’s work be reassessed; or
iii. the candidate be given a further opportunity to take the examination, with or without further payment of a fee.
8 Where an appeal is upheld, the fee paid under 4 above will be refunded.
9 The decisions of the Appeals Panel shall be reported by the Co-ordinating Chair to the appellant, the Chair of Qualifications Board, the President of the Institute, the Chair of the Examinations Committee, the relevant Programme Director, the Operations Manager, and the relevant Chief or External Examiner.