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Examination Appeals

Appeals Procedure for Blue Badge and Green Badge Examinations

Blue Badge and Green Badge candidates are encouraged, in the first instance, to consult their Course Director.  However, if a candidate wishes to make a formal appeal, the procedure to follow is set out in the Institute's Bye Laws.

It is a candidate's responsibility to read and understand the Appeals Procedure and in particular to be aware that any consideration relating to the assessment which takes place as a consequence of an appeal may lead to an adjustment of the original decision relating to the award in a way which is more, or less, favourable to a candidate.

Payment of the administration fee (£52 Sep 2017-18) must accompany any appeal.

1.1 The Appeals Procedure is concerned solely with the result of the candidate's examination/test.

The Bye Laws prescribe the only acceptable grounds of appeal as:

  1. that the examination/test had not been in accordance with the Institute Examinations Procedure Regulations such that the result might have been affected;
  2. that the candidate believed that his/her performance in the examination/test had been materially impaired by ill health or other circumstances which the candidate had been unable, for valid reasons, to divulge to the Examinations Co-Ordinator or to an examiner on the day of the examination;
  3. that the candidate had reason to believe that one or more of the examiners was prejudiced or biased.

1.2 The Appeals Procedure is set out in the Bye Laws of the Institute.

Examination Appeals extract from Institute Bye Laws

2.1 A candidate wishing to appeal on the grounds indicated at 1.1 shall give notice in writing to the Chair of the Institute's Qualifications Board within 28 days from the date of notification of results.

2.2 The Appeals Committee shall comprise:

  • The Chair : from the Qualifications Board
  • One Member : from Qualifications Board or Examinations Committee or Accreditation Committee or a Trustee
  • One Member : an academic or an independent
No member of the Appeals Committee may have a direct interest in the candidate's case.

2.3 The Appeals Committee shall have authority to determine the case put to it.  Its decision shall be final and shall not be subject to further appeal.  The decisions of the Appeals Committee shall be reported to the President of the Institute, the Examinations Committee, the relevant Course Director and the relevant Chief Examiner.  If the decision results in an award, the Chair of the Qualifications Board shall approve the award on behalf of the Institute.