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Our Qualifications Explained

The Institute awards qualifications at three educational levels.

Each level is exemplified by one of the Badges we present to successful candidates - Blue, Green or White.

Each qualification is specific to the geographic area for which the candidate has been trained and examined.

According to their level of training and examination, candidates qualify in up to three modes of guiding - at sites, on guided walks, on a moving vehicle.

  • Blue Badge
    Holders are qualified for all three modes of guiding - guided walks, at sites and on a moving vehicle - in their specified region.
  • Green Badge
    Holders are qualified for two modes of guiding - guided walks and at sites in their specified city, town, borough or area of countryside.
  • White Badge
    Holders are qualified for one mode of guiding - either at a specific site, e.g. museum, cathedral, stately home, or a guided walk along one fixed route.