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Qualifications Board

  1. Manage the Institute’s qualifications policy:
  • monitor and develop academic policies for consideration by the Board of Directors, including recommendations from the Accreditation, Examination and Language Committees
  1. Maintain uniform standards for qualifications at all levels:
  • set criteria for all Institute qualifications and assessments
  • monitor and evaluate the use of reasonable adjustments and special consideration in order to ensure they are effective and meet the requirements of current legislation
  • approve recommendations from Examinations Committee on the appointment of individual Chief Examiners (Blue Badge) and External Examiners (White and Green Badge)
  • approve recommendations from Language and Examinations Committees concerning equivalences in assessment by other awarding bodies
  • approve recommendations from Accreditation and Language Committees concerning APL and/or exemptions from assessment
  • consider complaints of an academic nature and make recommendations to the Board of Directors where necessary
  1. Award Institute qualifications:
  • consider and ratify the results of examinations for Blue, Green and White Badge examinations presented by Chief and External Examiners
  • consider and ratify the results of language examinations presented by the Language Committee
  • ensure notification to candidates individually of their results, and to respective programme directors
  • share relevant data with the regulatory authorities on request
  • regularly review and monitor the procedures
  1. Receive and consider reports from the Accreditation, Examinations and Language Committees:
  • review and endorse recommendations to the Board of Directors from Accreditation Committee in respect of accreditation of training programmes at all levels
  • approve recommendations from Accreditation Committee on the accreditation of individual tourist guide trainers
  • approve recommendations from Examinations and Language Committees for the accreditation of individual examiners and compilers
  1. Maintain the relevant sections of the Institute website for qualifications and ensure entries are updated regularly