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Blue Badge: Background Knowledge Module | Course Level: 4

Examination Date: Wednesday 12th April 2017

Thinking of becoming a professional tourist guide? An essential part of the Level 4 examinations for Blue Badge guides is the Background Knowledge paper. This is a stand-alone examination, which is aimed particularly at those people who are considering applying for a Blue Badge Level 4 course.


The next Background Knowledge examination will be held on Wednesday 12th April 2017.


The Background Knowledge paper forms one module of the Blue Badge Level 4 qualification. The Background Knowledge paper is written nationally and is a transferable module. Any Level 3 guide hoping to progress to Level 4 may sit the Background Knowledge paper before beginning their training programme. It may also be taken by independent external candidates.


The cost of the April 2017 examination is £140.00. The format of the written examination, showing weighting of different topics, is set and available for inspection. Past Papers to use for revision are also available for purchase (all order forms can be found at the bottom of this page).


If you wish to apply, please complete the application form and send with your registration and examination fee to the Institute at the address below. Please contact the office on 020 7680 7146 or by email if you wish to discuss this further.


NOTE: Validity of Background Knowledge Portable Module Success in the Background Knowledge Paper 1 module (known previously as National Knowledge 'Core' Paper) taken from 1999 and acknowledged at the time by the Tourist Guiding Foundation or its successor, The Institute of Tourist Guiding, is allowed to be carried forward as follows:


a. For candidates who successfully complete a Blue Badge qualification Level 4 (from 1999) and who maintain the validity of their qualification: this Background Knowledge Paper 1 may be carried forward indefinitely to any new Blue Badge course they take.


b. For candidates who do not have a valid Blue Badge qualification Level 4, this Background Knowledge Paper 1 may be carried forward for 5 years only. If they do not successfully complete a Blue Badge Level 4 qualification within that time, then they have to retake Background Knowledge Paper 1.
Application deadline: Six weeks prior to examination date.
Contact: Institute of Tourist Guiding office


To apply for this examination or to order the Past Papers, please download one of the following forms:

Background Knowledge Examination Application Form

Background Knowledge Past Examination Papers Order Form


Please note: All fees are correct until 31st August 2017.