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Drawing up your application...

Stage 1:  Which qualification category is your course designed for?

The Institute recognises four types of qualification, referred to as Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, and an Endorsement.  At each level, tourist guides will reach the same degree of guiding skill, knowledge and professionalism. The distinction between levels relates to the extent and range of their area of qualification in terms of location and geography.

LEVEL 2:  For a single site, e.g. religious building, museum, zoo, art gallery, wildlife centre, historic house and garden, or a restricted single route tour, e.g. by boat, land-train

LEVEL 3:  Walking tours in a town, countryside or defined area, including guided tours of town attractions, e.g. religious buildings, museum and sites
LEVEL 4:  Covering a wide geographical area or metropolitan area, including flexible tours of sites, towns and tours throughout the area from a vehicle, e.g. car, coach or train
ENDORSEMENT:  A development course for existing Institute-qualified guides


Stage 2:  Will your course meet Institute criteria?

Having chosen your course category, you need to read the "Course specification and planning criteria" in full in order to check that your course meets the learning hours and content requirements:


Stage 3:  How much will it cost?

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Stage 4:  Complete the ‘Outline Application’ form

Contact office@itg.org.uk to request the Outline Application form
Please note:  In some cases - for example, where the same Institute-approved course has been run previously - it is possible to submit the full application without the ‘Outline Application’ stage


Stage 5:  Complete the full ‘Application for accreditation of a training course’

  • Your Outline Application will first be considered and approved by the Institute Accreditation Committee
  • Recommendations and clarification may be requested to help you complete the full Application for accreditation of a training course
  • This will then be considered by the Accreditation Committee and then by the Board of Directors.  Once the Board has approved your course, you may advertise and promote it