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In order to calculate the total cost of your training programme, you need to consider each element as follows:

  • Think about how many lecture sessions you need and the cost of lecturers and room hire
  • Your students will need practical learning and practice sessions.  Think about how many trainers will be needed.  If you are proposing a Blue Badge (Level 4) course, what is the estimated cost of coach hire?
  • You need to incorporate a Communications Seminar into your programme.  Think about where, when and how much this will cost
  • You should also include costs of programme management, course tutorials, materials, equipment, printing costs, and internet charges
  • When you submit your programme to the Institute for accreditation, you will need to pay an accreditation fee
  • Later you will be required to pay the Institute a registration fee for each enrolled student
  • At the end of the course your students will take examinations, as set out in the criteria, and you need to tell them that they will be required to pay examination fees