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I want to run a Tourist Guide training course

If you want to train Tourist Guides who will be awarded our prestigious Blue Badge, Green Badge or Site Guide (White) Badge, your training course must first be accredited by the Institute of Tourist Guiding. Here we explain the accreditation process.


Welcome to accreditation

  • The Institute of Tourist Guiding is the government-approved professional standards and qualifications body for tourist guides.  It was formed in 2002 with the endorsement of the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, to set the highest possible standards for tourist guiding
  • The Institute awards qualifications for tourist guiding in England, Northern Ireland and Jersey, and accredits the training courses and examinations that lead to those qualifications
  • As the Institute is the accrediting, standard-setting and examining body, it does not run the training courses itself
  • Any organisation/person can submit a training course to the Institute for accreditation.  If the course is approved, the Institute undertakes to provide appropriate examinations for candidates wishing to gain the qualification


Who runs the course?

  • All courses must have a Training Provider and a Course Director
  • A Training Provider might be, for example, a local authority, a local tourist guide association, or similar organisation.  The British Guild of Tourist Guides is one such example
  • The Training Provider’s role is to approve and work with the Course Director and Administrator, to approve the course and the budget, and to maintain a monitoring and advisory role.  The Training Provider has ultimate financial responsibility for the course
  • The Course Director is responsible for overseeing the administration and day-to-day running of the course, and will usually appoint a Course Administrator to assist.  This includes all the financial dealings to ensure the course runs within budget, overseeing that all trainers maintain the standards as set out in the Institute Examiners Handbook, maintaining course records including attendance, ensuring students are entered for the required examinations, monitoring evaluation systems and tutorials, and maintaining an ongoing pastoral role


Your first decision - do you want to run the course yourself?

  • Check that you are qualified to do so: what qualifications do Training Providers, Course Directors, trainers and lecturers need?  Contact office@itg.org.uk for the list of qualifications