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Level 4 (Blue Badge) Examinations:

  • Written examinations
    • Background Knowledge examination - a transferable module. This paper has questions requiring short (single word or phrase) answers and essay/notes answers. It is sat by all candidates from all regions on the same date each year.
    • Regional examinations (i) Papers testing regional and local knowledge requiring both single word/phrase answers and essay answers, (ii) a project to be undertaken during the programme which is marked with (iii) practical paper testing tour planning skills and problem solving.
  • Practical examinations. There will be separate examinations on a coach, on a walk, in a church and in a museum or art gallery. Each candidate will be asked to make two or three presentations during each examination. Where the area of a qualification is large, the coach route will be given to candidates not more than 4 weeks before the examination. In a city, coach routes will be unknown.

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