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Equivalence Policy for applicants holding a tourist guiding qualification from other EU countries and for applicants from one area of the United Kingdom (excluding Scotland) to another.

  1. National background/core knowledge - as this is country specific this module is not transferable from other EU member states, but is transferable from one area of the UK (excluding Scotland) to another.

  2. Area in-depth knowledge written exams - as area specific no mutual recognition is possible.

  3. Practical exams (coach, walk, church and museum/art gallery) - as these minimum Educational Level 4 requirements combine area specific knowledge and all practical guiding skills, which are not taught in the same way in any other EU country, no mutual recognition is possible.

  4. Language - EU applicants who have passed the FEG Oral Language Proficiency Test should be awarded equivalence with the Institute Language Proficiency Test.

  5. Right to training course interview, course place and to take examinations - any other UK Blue Badge or EU tourist guide should have a right to interview and to take examinations. The interview is the time to give realistic prospect for examinaton success without some form of preparation or training and to offer course place (no automatic right) if deemed appropriate.

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