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a] Achieving and maintaining recognition of the guiding profession and putting in place uniform standards for qualifications at all levels, the Blue Badge being the highest award:
The Institute is recognised by government as the standard setting body for all levels of the profession and as the registering authority for Blue Badge guides throughout the United Kingdom (except Scotland). The Institute accredits training courses which meet its standards and offers advice to training providers on how to achieve these. It does not itself deliver training.

b] Providing for examinations and/or assessments for qualifications at all levels and making awards:
The Institute provides examinations and/or assessment and also accredits external examinations which meet the required standards. It maintains a pool of qualified examiners. The Institute's highest award is the internationally recognised Blue Badge which was formerly awarded by national and regional tourist boards. Certificates are awarded to those who qualify at other levels.

c] Promoting the family of qualifications and awards to the public and profession alike, to achieve clarity and greater understanding of the profession:
Colleges and institutions which offer guide training courses, owners of sites and visitor attractions who provide training for their staff, as well as local and regional tourist bodies are encouraged to have their courses accredited by the Institute so that those who are successful on the course can receive a nationally recognised qualification and be eligible to apply to join the Institute at the appropriate level.

d] Putting in place and enforcing a code of conduct for all those who join the Institute:
On first registration all are required to sign a code which lays down the standards of professional behaviour they are required to meet. Any breaches brought to the attention of the Institute are investigated by the Professional Conduct Committee which has the power to impose sanctions.

e] Encouraging those who are active at all levels of the profession to join the Institute. Providing professional services for those who join the Institute, including the publication of an annual National Register:
The Institute's Online Directory published in the Spring of each year lists all Members and Associates by region/area, level of qualification and the languages in which they are qualified to guide. Any additional qualifications recognised by the Institute are also listed.

The directory The contents are also accessible through our Online Guide Search and are thus available to interested parties world wide. Since all claims to qualification are carefully scrutinised before they can be included, the database is both comprehensive and authoritative.

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