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The Institute of Tourist Guiding is a qualifications body. It does not itself run training programmes. All Institute accredited training programmes and qualifications in tourist guide/commentary and heritage interpretation are area specific. The Institute accredits courses submitted by training providers at:


  • Educational Level 2: Fixed Route Commentary, Interpretation & Presentation: such as cathedrals, churches, stately homes, museums and galleries; and fixed route tours such as per open top bus or river trips
  • Educational Level 3: Flexible Route Commentary, Heritage Interpretation & Presentation: such as walking tours within city or town centres, countryside walks. This requires assessment on both a walk and a given site of area-specific (local) importance. A site may be a cathedral or a church or a stately home or a museum/art gallery or whatever is most important to said area.
  • Educational Level 4 Blue Badge in Tourist Guiding: where apart from area-specific in-depth knowledge, a course participant will be trained in all aspects of guiding techniques: on site, such as churches and/or cathedrals, stately homes, museums and/or art galleries, whatever is of importance within the given area; on foot, either in an urban environment, or in the countryside, or even on the sea-shore; and on a moving vehicle. For training/assessment purposes a coach has to be used. However it should be remembered that many guides will take the visitor out in a car, or sometimes on a bicycle, or a boat, or a balloon, or… anything that moves, which modifies how one guides!


The Institute also accredits Endorsement courses for Members and/or Associates.

The Institute carries an accredited assessors' database and from time to time will hold a one-day workshop for assessors.

The Institute also carries an accredited practical trainers' database and from time to time will offer the 4-day Part 1 induction course.

For details of the Trainers' Database contact the office.

For details about submissions for accreditation click here.


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