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Hull Old Town Walking Tour - 9.30am (Fri)

Hull Old Town Walking Tour - 9.30am (Fri)

Hull Old Town Walking Tour - 9.30am (Fri)

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Category: AGM Events - Friday 17th November 2017

Old Town Walking Tour - 9.30am Meeting: Outside Hull City Hall Duration: 2 hours Max persons 20

Spend a couple of hours in the company of a Yorkshire Blue Badge Guide exploring this fascinating city. Acquired from the monks of Meaux Abbey by King Edward I, Kingston upon Hull prospered in the Middle Ages as a Hanse town and has a rich history waiting to be discovered on the streets of the Old Town.  It later rose to become the third port in the country, second only to London and Liverpool.  

As the town grew in prosperity, Hull gradually expanded beyond the old walls; the first dock open to the Humber was built at the beginning of the 19th century, and the town was raised to city status by Queen Victoria in 1897.  The city’s civic pride is reflected in grand buildings which have finally been given an opportunity to shine again due to the major redevelopment that Hull has undergone in the framework of the ‘city plan’.  The building work has revealed historic gems, hidden from the eye for decades and even centuries.  And the regeneration has sparked investment from private investors who are breathing life back into not just the Old Town, but also formerly bustling areas around the city’s old docks.  The city is awash with optimism and confidence in the future, and deserves to be on the itinerary of any visitor to the north of England!

 Duration 2 hours starting and finishing at Hull City Hall
Max persons 20

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